Language Definition  The authoritative on-line definition of the Modula-3 language.
FAQ  Where to find the answers for Frequently Asked Questions.
Bibliography   The mega bibliography of just about everything that has been written about Modula-3.
Concise Bibliography  A less verbose version of the mega bibliography.
Threads Newsletter  A newsletter put out yearly that is devoted entirely to Modula-3 related activities. (Historical issues)
Modula-3 Mailing Lists  Discussions, announcements, and CVS commit messages concerning Modula-3 development.
Hot Links
Modula-3 Home Page  The Modula-3 Home Page that started it all.
SPIN Home Page  The SPIN microkernel operating system home page. An entire operating system written in Modula-3.
Critical Mass  The home page for the company that sold a commercial Modula-3 compiler, an embeddable Java virtual machine run-time library, and a distributed multi-platform application development system. Critical Mass Incorporated has been out-of-business for several years; some of their work is continued by a new company called IGEN Corporation. All the Modula-3 work if theirs is continued in the open source CM3 distribution, coordinated by elego Software Solutions GmbH, Berlin, Germany.
Polytechnique Montréal Modula-3 Home Page  Go figure. It's the home page for the Polytechnique Modula-3 compiler and libraries (now also at elego).
Persistent Modula-3  Orthogonal object persistence and transactions. Check it out. Recently (early 2003), the persistence code has been incorporated into the PM3 code distribution.  The Modula-3 Resource Page. A good starting point if you want to find everything about Modula-3.
References and Tutorials
SRC Modula-3: Compiling for profiling and coverage analysis  An explanation on how to compile your Modula-3 programs for profiling purposes using SRC Modula-3.
Modula-3 Reference and Tutorial  A tutorial for the beginner Modula-3 programmer and a reference for those with more experience in the language.
Tutorials, books, and articles  A concise list of essential Modula-3 references organized by topic.
An Introduction to Programming with Threads  An introduction to writing concurrent programs with "threads".


Last Updated: July 20, 2003